Sean's Smile - What we do


Our Mission:

Sean’s Smile was created for the purpose of honouring Sean’s desire to help those less fortunate. It is designed as a forum for raising funds in support of a variety of charities which we feel Sean would have been passionate about….. For the reasons explained below, the project is aptly called “Sean’s Smile”.

Why We Do What we do…

During the last conversation I had with Sean I asked him “what is making you smile these days?” He began to tell me about the children in Afghanistan, in particular a few little girls and boys that he saw on a daily basis. He told me about one little girl that, as he put it, was the most beautiful little girl he had ever seen. She and her siblings knew him by name and got excited whenever he was around passing out clothes and other necessities to people in the community. It was this part of his job; helping the children and their families, that gave him the greatest joy.

Sean was extremely proud and passionate about the work he was doing. He believed in his heart that what he was doing had a greater importance then most people could even imagine. He was extremely saddened to see the poor conditions that the children lived in and I know that he would have given anything to be able to provide them with the things they didn’t have. No matter how tired or worn down he was he always knew and felt that the work he was doing was making a difference, although I know he wanted to do more. Simply seeing the smiles on the faces of these young children provided him with the motivation and strength to continue to approach his military duties with the dedication he had always exhibited in all aspects of his life.

An email exchange between Sean and a friend:

In order to honour Sean’s memory, Sean Korim (Sean's best friend) and I have decided to carry on his mission and, as he would have wanted to do, touch the lives of those less fortunate. To that end, we are undertaking to raise money that will be used to provide support for children in need. Sean once told me he knew he would one day he touch the lives of many and through Sean's Smile, we are ensuring that his legacy lives on.

I loved to give Sean gifts because he was my gift, my best friend, and my heart. Please help me and give a gift that would, without a doubt, make him Smile. Donations in the name of Sean David Greenfield can be made through the link below.

Kailey Madger